Definitions for Alzheimer's Under the
microscopealzheimer definitions     (click here
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Spirochetal DNA localized to Alzheimer
Plaques  (Click here)
Granular spirochete profiles
contain DNA of the spirochete
Granular bodies in the Alzheimer GVB
contain Borrelia DNA
Granules  consisting of spirochetal
DNA in Alzheimer tissue with
GVBprofiles ( Spirochetal) and
Alzheimer GVB - Click here
Fragments of Spirochetes
INSIDE of Diseased
nerve cells demonstrated by single
strand DNA stain ( Green )
Click here to see images of spirochetal
framgents (green) inside of nerve cells
Cyst form of Borrelia spirochete
invading a nerve cell - Alzheimer
Click here to see Cystic spirochetal form
( Green) invading nerve cell (orange)
Comparison of Plaques
Syphilis Plaques
are perfect match for
Plaques of Alzheimer's disease
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Syphilis plaques and Alzheimer plaques